American Airlines Make Your Journey Easy And Comfortable With POC

American airlines wish everybody to enjoy a nice journey without facing any trouble. We give all support to our passenger during the journey time when they reach us by making a call on our toll-free number. Their experience of air journey becomes very risky when you have some health issues. At such circumstances, American airlines Customer Service team is with you and we will give you some product to make your journey easy and comfortable.

How to Fly with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator in American Airlines?

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator will help those types of passengers who feel shortage of Oxygen in the flight. They might feel irritability and nervousness in this condition. That is not how you want to start your trip. Before the flight takes off we have done all the work and tiresome research with a POC. American Airlines crew member will give you all the information. Use the POC at that time when you feel a shortage of Oxygen, and do not be worried at any point because our medical doctor is also present in the American airline’s flight. He will understand the situation and will assist you with every possible means.

If any traveler brings liquid oxygen portable tanks in the flight with any means but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not allow it. You can, however, bring your portable Oxygen Concentrator with you in the flight. You will check out the FAA’s and list of approved POC machines. Any passenger who wants to need it can purchase it or you can bring it on rent also. Every airline has different rules about POC. Some airlines have their own unique set of guidelines as per the requirement of bringing your POC on the flight.

American Airlines Portable Oxygen Policy

As we know that every airline has a different policy of POC, similarly, American airline has its own rules. If you are flying with American Airlines then here is everything that you need to know:-

  • It is very compulsory to notify about your POC device when you are going by flight with American Airlines. You can also inform us 48 hours before in advance.
  • You will not need a pre-flight form for POC.
  • Batteries of POC should be fully charged during the journey time.
  • Supply power of your POC must not be less than 150% of the listed flight time.
  • Before your journey make sure the calculation of battery life of POC that you will need for your flight and avoid additional layover delays.

Medical Guidelines

When you travel with POC you should keep in your mind some medical guidelines for your safety. When you check in at an American Airlines gate an agent will help you. You can ask any question to the agent or make a call on American Airlines Phone Number. Flying with POC does not have to be a hassle. Be relaxed and follow the POC guidelines listed by American Airlines. We will pray for your safest and most comfortable journey. If you want more information on airlines related to POC policies, then you can also read our travel Oxygen-related blogIn our blog, you will find the policies of all the popular airlines. You may read all the interaction about POC, how to prepare, operate and how to maintain POC during the flight. American Airlines Phone Number will help you 24/7 hours.

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